Insights Discovery Online Evaluator

This Online Evaluator forms the basis of your Insights Discovery profile. It is not a pass or fail test. It simply records your perception of your work preferences.

This version of the evaluator will send your data to bohuca – boosting human capital.


Find a time and place where you will not be interrupted.

  1. In each frame, read each statement carefully. Choose the one statement that most describes you in your work environment and select M (most).
  2. From the remaining three statements, choose the statement that least describes you in your work environment and select L (least).
  3. For each of the remaining two statements, select a weighting from the values 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, where 1 represents "not likely to describe me" and 5 represents "very likely to describe me". Please do not choose the same weighting twice. Choose those weightings which you believe best represent the relative intensity of the description in your working personality.
  4. Continue until all 25 frames have been completed. Then the responses will be sent to Insights.
  • Remember, this is not a test! There are no right or wrong answers.
  • Respond to the Online Evaluator based on your perception of yourself. Do not discuss your choices with others.
  • Choose your responses quite quickly, as your first impression is often best. As a guide, this Online Evaluator typically takes between 10-20 minutes to complete.


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System Requirements

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